Is Digital Marketing effective for Pharmacy Medical Stores?

Definitely, Yes! We have seen multiple waves of pandemic so far and lockdowns are so frequent these days. People cannot go out and make purchases. They want products and services to reach out to them personally while sitting in the comfort of their homes. Even the pandemic situation becomes over, this pattern is going to continue.

Medicines are one of the most essential products we cannot live without. Food is home delivered. Retail goods are home delivered. Why not medicines?

The first step of moving towards home delivery for any business is to build a strong online presence. For this, Digital Marketing is important. Digital Marketing takes your pharmacy medical store to your customer’s phone or computer. Your customer can explore your store, communicate with the pharmacist, place their orders, all through your online channels. Orders can be fulfilled through your home delivery partners. Customer feedback can be collected online and good feedbacks would encourage more people to buy from you.


Price-less Pharmacy, Kochulloor, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Marketing Tools

These are some of the digital marketing tools available for promoting Pharmacy Medical Stores.

Google Maps

List your pharmacy medical store on google maps.
List your Pharmacy / Medical Store on Google Maps

Listing your Pharmacy Medical Store on Google Maps is inevitable. On average 154.4 million people uses Google Maps to find locations and places, globally. If your pharmacy medical store is not there, you will miss out on a whole lot of business.

Listing your Pharmacy Medical Store on Google Maps will give your business high visibility on Google Searches, especially for search queries coming from nearby locations.

If your Pharmacy Medical Store is listed on Google Maps, customers can find your store even while driving. One can talk to Android Auto or Apple Car Play, find your store if it is nearby to his/her location, and ask to navigate.

Google My Business

Google My Business GMB listing for Pharmacy Medical Stores
Google My Business GMB Listing for Pharmacy / Medical Stores

Your Off-page SEO efforts start by giving an SEO-friendly name in your store’s Google My Business (GMB) listing. GMB listing gives your customer options to check out your website, get directions to your store, and call your business. You can show your store information viz. Open and Close hours, service options, and any other things that need to be highlighted regarding the store.


For any new brand, Facebook is really helpful to generate maximum visibility among your target customers. But, when you do Facebook marketing for a business like a pharmacy medical store, two things matter the most:

  1. Strategic messages
  2. Unique theme-based designs
  3. Striking headlines

Consider every Ad you publish on Facebook as your sincere message to your beloved customers. There is no point in putting posts, just for the sake of meeting the target numbers.

This particular client of ours, have their store located in Trivandrum City and is surrounded by 6 or 8 established pharmacies. It is a seemingly impossible task to grow a new brand in their location. So, it was a wise-decision taken by the management to provide home delivery option and bring more regions under their service area. Especially during the COVID pandemic and lockdown times, customers cannot go out to make their purchases and prefer home delivery. Here is an Ad focusing on the home delivery option.

Facebook post for medical store pharmacy home delivery
Headline Translation – “Now, medicines will reach your home”.

The next theme we thought about as part of our strategy was to tell the customers how easy it is for them to place their orders and buy medicines. So, we created the below Facebook advertisement.

Order medicines on WhatsApp.
Headline Translation – “Just WhatsApp, and the medicine reach your home”.

The first two campaigns went exceptionally well and we started getting a good number of inbound calls and WhatsApp messages. Then, our priority became getting more business per sale. There are a lot of individuals who bulk purchase medicines on a monthly basis, as per the Doctor’s prescription. These patients undergo continuous medication for their ailments, and once they are impressed they will become long-term valuable customers.

This time we came up with a strategy tailor-made for customers who do bulk-purchasing of medicines regularly.

Digital marketing strategy for pharmacy medical stores
Headline Translation – “Now, you can compare prices before buying your medicines”.

We gave an option to the customers to compare the price of the medicines before making the purchase. They just had to drop in the list of the required medicines and we would send them our prices, upfront. If they find it profitable, they could easily place their orders through WhatsApp. Each medicine list had at least more than four medicines. Thus, it helped to increase the average volume of business per sale by attracting more bulk purchases.

This strategy worked so great, that it gave us the feeling people were longing for this kind of a buying experience.


We started Digital Marketing for Price-less Pharmacy in March 2021. The below chart gives a fair idea of how Digital Marketing has increased the number of Home-Delivery orders through inbound Phone calls and WhatsApp messages. We have excluded the physical walk-ins because we cannot verify 100% that the customer had seen our digital campaigns.

Marketing Outcome
Last modified: July 6, 2021



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