An article on what needs to be done in order to secure a digital marketing job in 2021.
An article on what needs to be done in order to secure a digital marketing job in 2021.

Digital Marketing is one of the most promising fields to work on in 2021, how to get a job in it?

Digital Marketing presents you with lucrative opportunities in terms of job satisfaction as well as payouts. Digital Marketing jobs are on the rise as countries like India are rapidly digitising their advertisement landscape.

How to start a career in Digital Marketing with no experience?

How to get a digital marketing job with no experience?
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Digital Marketing is one field in which you can get a job even if you have no real work experience to show.

The activities that you carry out as part of Digital Marketing are analogous to what you do as part of conventional marketing but in a digital format. The concepts are similar and, if you can execute it professionally, you can get the job.

Can you show proof that you can create attractive digital advertisements, reach the correct audience, and get maximum engagement for the Ad?

The point is if you can prove your resourcefulness, nobody can reject you. The world needs you. There is a scarcity of resourcefulness these days in all walks of life.

If you have examples of helping businesses come out of trouble with your help substantiated with real testimonials, that is more valuable than work experience.

Let your portfolio speak for you.

How to create a Digital Marketing portfolio?

How to create a digital marketing portfolio?
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For creating a digital marketing portfolio, you should work as a freelancer first. As a beginner, it may be quite tough to get clients initially.

Why should clients trust you?

They may be sceptical about your intentions.

10 steps to create a Digital Marketing Portfolio

  1. Select a niche and analyse the market condition;
  2. Understand the difficulties of business owners;
  3. Talk to them in person and build a rapport;
  4. Help them with marketing ideas;
  5. Make them aware of Digital Marketing;
  6. Give a free trial;
  7. Analyse the ROI figures;
  8. Show them the results;
  9. Get testimonials;
  10. Publish the case study in your blog.

Getting a digital marketing project completely depends on the market condition. When the market is stressed out as in a pandemic situation currently, businesses will try to lessen their spending. The first cost cut will happen in the form of reducing the marketing budget. This will result in doing less on the conventional marketing front. 

But to make up for the losing visibility in the advertising space, the businesses will be open to trying our digital marketing. They will see digital marketing as an alternative to print media.

Ten years back it would have been preposterous to even compare digital marketing with print media. But, now the times have changed rapidly. Internet penetration is so deep that it can show your Ads all across the globe even in the remotest regions. 

So when the market condition is conducive, getting a digital marketing project is easy. Please your first client and they will give you reference. Even if they don’t give you reference, the amount of experience that you get and the case study you generate can fetch you more work.

What should be there in a Digital Marketing portfolio?

An ideal digital marketing portfolio will have the following sections.

Your marketing philosophy

Every individual should have their philosophy about – work, life, feelings, emotions, competition, wins, losses, nature etc.

Your digital marketing portfolio should reflect your work philosophy. It should talk about:

Why you chose this filed?

This is where you write how you recognized Digital marketing to be your true calling. Use this section to convince your audience how passionate you are about your work. You can also cite examples from your life where you felt something is lacking in the conventional methods followed and you wanted to play your part in improving the situation.

What is the marketing problem businesses are facing?

Educate the client about the problems faced while pursuing conventional marketing methodologies. Tell them about the new age marketing trends and how the buyers respond positively towards the digital marketing campaigns in comparison to how they responded to traditional marketing.

What is your solution through Digital Marketing?

In the previous section, you had mentioned about the marketing problems. Give a detailed explanation of how you are planning to bring a positive change. Give an outline of what you are going to do to help if you are getting a client.

While explaining the solution, you should give it a humane touch. Your words should reflect empathy. It should not be a purely technical explanation. Keep your audience’s persona in mind while writing this section.

What are the current solutions?

You should also research on the current solutions available for the problem you are trying to address. If there are no such solutions already available you will have to focus on creating awareness about your solution. If there are solutions already available you should give a comparison review and justify the reasons why your solution is better than the other options

How your solution is unique and better?

While trying to prove this point – how your solution is better than the others, never take an aggressive approach. Always play with facts and figures. It gives more authenticity to the points you are trying to make.

Your work speciality

How are you different from other Digital Marketing professionals?

You are not the only one out there with an innovative growth mindset in the Digital Marketing job market. You have to include something which can make you stand out from the crowd. Be original and authentic in your thoughts, words, and actions. The solutions that provide in response to the marketing problem should be unique. The way you express your thoughts and the kind of documents that you produce, all should be unique. It should be in such a way that it gets deeply etched in the minds of your audience.

Your case studies

The experience you gain from each of your projects and the results should be included as case studies in your portfolio. It should be depicted in a nicely understandable manner. Use infographics if necessary to make it more appealing. Substantiate your claims with facts and figures.

Digital Marketing is all about results. In the end, all businesses are looking for profits. Profit means more business. More business means more enquiries. If you can give proof of your work along with the result figures, no Digital Marketing company is going to be sceptical about your ability.

Client testimonials

There is no proof bigger than social proof. Make your happy clients vouch for your service. Client testimonials are crucial for getting a job or more business in Digital Marketing. You can also give your happy clients’ reference. You can get your Digital Marketing client testimonials in the following formats:

  • LinkedIn recommendations
  • Video testimonials
  • Email appreciations
  • Appreciation comments on your blog
  • Appreciation letters on the client’s letterhead

How to get into digital marketing without a degree?

How to get into digital marketing without a degree?
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Is it possible to get a Digital Marketing job without a college degree?
Yes, you can get a Digital Marketing job without a college degree.

As far as I know, no college offers a degree that comprehensively covers the updated version of Digital Marketing. When the topic studied is not current, it is going to do more harm than good for your knowledge.

If a degree program has to provide the latest and relevant course materials, they have to update the syllabus in at least every month.

Digital Marketing scenario changes every month. A successful Digital Marketer anticipates the changes and prepares to adapt. You cannot learn these two skills in colleges – anticipate and adapt. If one cannot do it, his business will suffer.

The skills required to do Digital Marketing and to get a Digital Marketing job are acquired mostly through experience.

You could be having any educational background, and you can start your Digital Marketing career. There are no restrictions.

Even if you don’t want to take it as a career, you can use Digital Marketing for your self-promotion. A strong digital profile in any field is good for showcasing your skills and attract your target audience to your profile.

Even if you don’t possess a college degree you can pursue DigitalMarketing career. You should be strong with your basic marketing concepts, and you should have the ability to think like your customer. Since it’s all done online you don’t need any specialised vocational training to start working.

On the work-side, it is always appreciable to have these skills – content writing, graphics designing, and video making to become successful in Digital Marketing.

You can learn the tools like Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, LinkedIn Marketing etc. through internship and short courses. Short courses are always better because they will have updated content.

Learn Digital Marketing through real-life working experience. Help the businesses around your place and get testimonials from them. This will help you fetch a job easily.

There is a huge demand for Digital Marketing professionals in the industry. All businesses are going online these days. Customers do their first round of research online before buying a product or service.

Digital Marketing companies are finding it difficult to get good employees. If you can build a portfolio in Digital Marketing, you can get a job easily. Most companies will not reject you for not having a college degree.

Digital Marketing is a job for people who think out of the box. The entrepreneurs in this field are also having the same kind of mindset. They think smart and don’t risk losing talent for conventional must-haves like a college degree.

People are working in the Digital Marketing field after years of experience working in completely different sectors, not even related to marketing. They become Digital Marketing professionals for the sake of marketing their own business of out of sheer passion towards the industry.

If you think, a college degree is a must for Digital Marketing that means you have not fallen in the groove yet. You should change your conventional mindset of getting a degree and after that getting a job.

You can even do Digital Marketing job even while you are pursuing a college degree. This will fetch you a side income and you can pay for your stay and studies. This will make your parents proud.

Suppose you are pursuing a degree in Biotechnology. Start a blog regarding the biotechnology innovations while you are in college itself. As you traverse through your studies and your career, your blog will also grow and become the authentic source of biotech-related information.

This blog may lead to the creation of a brand and its products and services under the umbrella.

Entry-level remote digital marketing jobs

Entry-level digital marketing jobs - remote
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Digital Marketing jobs can be done remotely. It can help you live a nomadic life. You can get enough work to support your lifestyle.

Be disciplined and keep your word in terms of work deliverables. This will earn you respect and reputation. It will help you get new clients.

Invest your time in attending the training.
Invest your money in buying automation tools.

This will help you deliver a superstar performance for your clients. Once the clients get happy, you will also become happy.

You may not get a Digital Marketing job with full-time remote working opportunity.

But if you have your clients and working in a consultant model, you can confidently sign up for more remote Digital Marketing jobs.

Some clients may have their reservations in entrusting their work with a travelling person. But as long as you take a professional approach towards work, it will not affect. You will get clients who know about your work when you showcase your Digital Marketing portfolio.

Ability to use collaborative tools effectively and excellent reporting skills are necessary for a Digital Marketer to be fit to work remotely.

Which digital marketing course is best?

Deepak Kanakaraju

Digital Deepak offers a number of Digital Marketing courses.
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I have learned my first steps in Digital Marketing from Deepak Kanakaraju. I had seen a Facebook Ad from Digital Deepak in 2016 and bought my first course. It was a game-changer for me. Further, I had bought more number of courses from Digital Deepak and added on to my resource repository.

The main advantage of Digital Deepak is that his classes can be easily understood by beginners. It does not require too much technical knowledge to make the most out of his courses.

He walks us through real-life Digital Marketing scenarios which we can easily relate to. When he explains the problems that he had encountered while doing Digital Marketing, we can it deeply resonating with our own experiences.

It is through Digital Deepak courses that I learned Facebook Marketing, Google AdWords, WordPress website development, creating zaps, Google Analytics etc.

Link –

Gopal Krishnan

Gopal Krishnan teaches you Facebook lead generation and the story triangle to write effective Ad copy.
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I learned Facebook Lead Generation from Gopal Krishnan. His 4 hour Facebook Funnel was extremely helpful for me.

At that time I was under huge pressure from my Healthcare clients because I was not able to generate good leads for them. After taking Gopal Krishnan’s course, I learned how to frame the Ad copy in a way that it strikes the minds of the target audience.

His Story triangle method is a magical formula for Ad copywriting. I applied the concepts in my work and it fetched me excellent results with my Ads. My clients were happy and they gave me more work.

Frank Kern

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Frank Kern introduced me to the world of Business Consulting and training. He had opened the doors to an entirely different world of Marketing for me.

I have never purchased a course from him because I could not afford it. But the freebies he gave was enough food for thought. I had learned how to tweak the Facebook Ad Set functionality from his videos and make it work for me giving maximum results.

Frank Kern shows us how to get quality clients who will keep us motivated and pay well. I drew inspiration from his training sessions and started giving training for business owners, both online and offline.

Link –

Stoica and Vlad

Stoica and Vlad from blaster suite. Video marketing maestros.
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Stoica and Vlad are two friends from Romania who have decided to help Digital Marketers all around the world through their training sessions and apps.

The Eastern European duo has made themselves big in the Digital Marketing field through their tried and tested Digital Strategies. Now, they are giving it back to the industry by helping others.

I have bought one of their products – Leads Gorilla, and have attended pieces of training on video SEO.

Their way of getting Digital Marketing clients is amazingly effective and to aid the purpose they have built a host of tools. It is worth investing and they provide stellar after-sales service as well. 

I bought one od their apps, Leads Gorilla and on the second day itself, I raised a complaint regarding some of the restrictions while using it from certain geographical locations. Within just one business day, they gave me a fix for the issue and also upgraded to the next edition of the software for free.

What is the eligibility for joining a digital marketing course?

What is the eligibility for joining a digital marketing course?
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There are no mandatory academic qualifications or employment experience prescribed for joining a digital marketing course.

If you have a marketing flare and an uncanny knack of generating original content, you can try your hands in digital marketing.

By doing courses, you will be able to get a good hold on the basic digital marketing concepts and also familiarise with digital marketing tools.

Facebook and Google form the main two advertising platforms in digital marketing. LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram etc. also have its fair share of importance in the digital marketing landscape.

Digital Marketing is 20% tools and 80% strategy. After learning to use all the tools, if you apply a flawed strategy, your digital marketing project will not see any success.

It will be easy for you to devise marketing strategies for your clients if you have a marketing edge in your thoughts and communication. If you possess such a skill set it will be ideal for you to pursue digital marketing.

What is digital marketing job salary?

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The salary of digital marketing jobs is steadily on the rise these days. More and more business houses have embraced digital marketing as their prime advertising methodology. This has resulted in the growth of employment in the digital marketing sector.

The demand for digital marketing experts has increased and the salaries are also high.

If you are working in consultant mode, you will be able to service more clients at once and earn more.

If you are employed in a digital marketing agency, the workload will be a little less and the earnings will also be slightly on the lower side.

Salary for Digital marketing jobs in India

RolesEntry levelMiddle levelSenior level
SEO Analyst15,00025,00045,000
Social Media Marketer17,00028,00035,000
Digital StrategistNANA70,000
Average monthly salary in INR

Salary for Digital marketing jobs in USA

RolesEntry levelMiddle levelSenior level
SEO Analyst500074009000
Social Media Marketer500072008300
Digital StrategistNANA11,500
Average monthly salary in USD

What is the digital marketing job description?

There are multiple job roles that come under Digital Marketing.

  1. Digital Marketing Specialist
  2. SEO Specialist
  3. Content Marketing Specialist
  4. Social Media Manager
  5. PPC Specialist
  6. Graphics Designer
  7. Affiliate Marketing Manager

Each of these Digital Marketing job roles has its own job description and responsibilities.

A Digital Marketing Specialist is required to manage and execute the marketing campaigns across all the channels. He should be familiar with Digital Marketing tools. He should be knowing how to apply the strategy while using the tools, all in line with the business priority.

An SEO Specialist works day in and day out to get the web pages rank in the top of the search result list. He will be responsible for continuously improving the webpage rankings. He should be familiar with keyword research and development of SEO strategies depending on the frequent algorithm changes of the Search engines.

A Content Marketing Specialist is entrusted with the Digital Marketing content. The content can be of any form – text, images, video, voice etc. It should be in line with the strategy and the Content Marketing Specialist will be in charge of running the show. Excellent communication with psychological consciousness to stimulate the thought process of the customers is required for the job.

A Social Media Manager manages all the social media channels. He plans the marketing campaigns, makes the content calendar, schedules the posts, and monitors the performance of the digital Ads. He should be well versed with using the advertisement dashboards of various social media platforms. He should also be able to correctly interpret the insights provided by the tools.

A PPC Specialist plans, creates, manages, and monitors pay-per-click ads, mainly on Google AdWords. He should do a lot of research to find out the right keywords keeping in mind the important measurements like search volume, keyword competition etc.

A graphics designer plays a pivotal role in a Digital Marketing team. He is the one who visualises the ideas. He is the one who designs the Ads. How deep his design language can penetrate the minds of the customers determines the success of an ad campaign. He should be able to perfectly comprehend what the digital strategist has in mind, and also what a customer will think when he sees the design.

An Affiliate Marketing Manager’s main job responsibility is to increase affiliate income. He should do everything possible in the Digital Marketing spectrum in order to increase the affiliate marketing opportunities and make the most out of it.

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