Are you a business owner?

Is your business struggling to survive?

The only solution to fix the problems you are facing is to do innovative marketing. Traditional marketing cannot help you. We are listing down the three best marketing strategies in 2020.

Here are the three best marketing strategies in 2020

  1. Demand Generation Marketing
  2. Demand Fulfilment Marketing
  3. Affiliate Marketing

What is Demand Generation Marketing?

When a new brand of service/product gets rolled out, the first thing that we should do is to create enough demand in the market.

As people are unaware of the existence of the new brand the initial demand will be ZERO. So our Marketing efforts should focus on how to announce our existence first.

How to do Demand Generation Marketing?

We should use intrusive Ad placements for this type of Marketing. There is no point for us to wait until a person and interacts with one of our Ads to avail our service.

We should intrusively show our Ads in the news feed of our customer prospects and urge them to take action.

The idea is to show more of our Ads frequently where our customer prospects spend more time online/offline.

What is Demand Fulfilment Marketing?

Demand Fulfilment means being available at the right place, at the right time.

How to do Demand Fulfilment Marketing digitally?

A search engine optimised website with content sections and pages containing relevant keywords will get listed at the top spot when a customer prospect runs a search query.

More visibility means more clicks.

More clicks mean more business.

By this way, only people who are really looking for a service that we provide contact us. There is no concept of cold-calling and rejection from the other end.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing depends on word-of-mouth publicity and online/offline referrals. There will be an incentive for the referrer to keep him/her motivated and to bring more business.

Sample Scenario – Business-A is ready to give a total discount of 3% on the bill amount of their service.

Business-A also provides an opportunity for people to associate with them and promote their services and is ready to give the promoters a 3% incentive.

As an incentive, every promoter gets 3% of the total bill amount of every sale referred by him/her.

How does it work?

Every promoter once associated with Business-A gets a referral code. For e.g. Promoter-A associates with Business-A and gets his/her referral code – GETDIS345. Promoter-A shares this referral code with his friend Customer-A. Customer-A buys Business-A’s service/product and mentions the referral code – GETDIS345 at the time of billing. Customer-A gets a 3% discount and Promoter-A gets 3% incentive.

Affiliate marketing has worked tremendously well for online services. We will implement the same concept offline & online, and reap the maximum benefits out of it.

How to apply the three best marketing strategies in your business?

You need not apply all the three marketing strategies in your business all at once. Firstly, you have to analyse and identify the stage at which your brand has reached in terms of marketing. If you have just started your business, it is advisable to do it in the order:

Demand Generation -> Demand Fulfilment -> Affiliate Marketing

Try it and let me know your feedback in the comments section. All the best!

Last modified: September 24, 2020



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